Coffee shops for working in Buenos Aires

When I was in Buenos Aires, I worked remotely for a few months. I found some nice coffee shops to work

For all these places, I don’t recommend being there for more than 2 hours—they are not designed for that—then going on a weekday is better than on a weekend, and during the morning.

Here are some places I found nice (in order):

  1. Gorrión (Saavedra): Really nice food and coffee, also it’s located in a quiet area.
  2. Big Rabbit: Awesome coffee and food, a bit small. Be sure to go early.
  3. Le Pain Quotidien (Olivos): As with every Le Pain Quotidien, it get crowded after lunch, they have good food and it’s nice overall.
  4. Le Pain Quotidien (Belgrano): Same as above but in a more crowded place.
  5. El puntal de Nuñez: Not an ideal place to work, but if you’re like you’ll be glad to hear they open at 7 am.
  6. Work Café Recoleta: I’m not sure if not being a client of Santander is a problem, but it’s an OK place to go work.

As there are many Starbucks places to recommend, not to eat but to work, here are the ones I find quietest:

  1. Starbucks (Serrano)
  2. Starbucks (Olivos)
  3. Starbucks (Jean Jaures)

Finally, some places left to try:

I know nowadays there are many new coffee shops to visit, I looked that they opened lots of Le Pain Quotidien locals as well. If you have any recommendations, please let me know!